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Job description for General contractors

General contractors, also known as construction managers and construction project managers, oversee building projects from inception through completion

Planning all phases of a construction project. They must estimate the costs of materials and staffing; the expense involved in securing permits; and the cost for equipment that must be leased or purchased. Based on their estimates, contractors prepare a budget. They must also prepare a timetable that establishes milestones for phases of the project to ensure completion dates are met.

Interacting with Others
A general contractor might need to interact with the architect who designed the project or the engineer who developed the mechanical aspects of the project. The contractor might also need to work with other professional construction specialists or sub-contractors, such as landscape architects, master electricians or demolition engineers. Jobs typically involve direct contact with the client to keep him advised on progress and issues that might arise. General contractors often handle hiring and might be responsible for instructing new workers on the specifics of the job

Ensuring Compliance

On any construction project, there are a number of laws and regulations that a general contractor must follow. Local building ordinances might ban certain materials, for example, such as wood shingles. Contractors must follow applicable labor laws, including organized union contracts under which his employees work. The contractor must know the safety regulations for various jobs and equipment operators and ensure that employees comply.

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